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I certainly don’t think of my life as a fairy tale.

Vivien Leigh in A Yank At Oxford (1938)


Claudia Cardinale on the set of Circus World (1964)

Natalie Wood, 1964

"Playing house with Lucille Ball: Nothing pleases the glamorous red haired screen star more than to spend a day away from the cameras at her Chatsworth California ranch. With three successive starring roles in "Du Barry Was A Lady," "Best Foot Forward," and "Meet the People," since signing her Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer contract a little over a year ago, Lucille hasn’t had much time for this favourite past time. But when she does, here’s how she goes at it. Meet others of the family — Taffy, Pinto and Felicity in Miss Ball’s arms. They are all great friends and much beloved by their glamorous mistress."

Rita Hayworth

Kim Novak in Bell, Book and Candle (1958)

At MGM, I always played the second feminine lead. I was never the star in films. I was the brassy, good-hearted showgirl. I never really had my big moment on the screen. Broadway gave me the stardom that my soul kind of yearned for.

Jean Seberg in Breathless (1960)



This is a petition created by fans against Marilyn’s Estate. All they do is post fake quotes and we’re sick of it. Marilyn deserves better treatment than this. Please sign!! Thank you xx

“I think the qualities that my mother gave me include intelligence, humor, sensitivity, the ability to scrutinize people. I feel she gave me her sense of power and her sense of strength as she deals with the world around her. And her contribution to women and to women’s issues in addition to being to a loving mother. She has also just as a woman been a great example for me.” - Leslie Bogart

I’m the same plain kind of bird as all the rest, with my common tale of woe.

Ava Gardner, 1948.